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From: Paul Mooney
Thank you. I want to say I wish Rebecca had not gone to the door that day, but I understand the sense of optimism and opportunity that led her there. It should have been good. God bless her parents. May they bear it, every day, as they have. Peace, Rebecca, as you wished.
From: Gena
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From: Dana
Rebecca is remembered, today on her Birthday. She was such a positive, shining light that I so admire! I love this site, she deserves to be remembered, with so much love. Rebecca, you are truly missed!!!!!!!!
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From: Steph
How beautiful she was. Her poetry allows her mind and her voice to continue inspiring others. Thank you, Rebecca.
From: Dana
Thinking of sweet Rebecca today on her Birthday. She was so special and I'm very grateful that she "got to exist" and give us so much joy! I know she will NEVER be forgotten, not ever. May she rest in peace in her beautiful place!!!!!!!!
From: George Missas
RIP Rebecca. It is wonderful that this site exists, so her memory is kept alive. Her death was tragic, she deserved so much better....My sincere condolences to her family. May her memory live forever in your hearts.
From: Jason
I think it is great that this site exists.
From: Albany
Hi, i dont know how to explain but one year ago i tried to see my past life and i saw that i was an actrees in los angeles (80's) and i was killed by a gunshot. I had tried to find this woman on the internet but i couldnt. Today i saw a tiktok talking about a youtube video of how to see your past life so i did and i saw a lot of things that made me cry cause i feel so connected with her in a way i cant express. Her messagge to me it was definitely constancy, perseverance, love, love, love and love she show me a lot of hearts everywhere i exxpress this like everything you do, do it with passion love and never give up ( i have more details but my english is not very good so i dont knw how to tell eerything) I was so happy to finding this person because she was an actrees and thats my dream and passion. And as you can see i think i find her, i really believe that i was her cause in her ggravestone say i am so wise to think love will prevail i am so wise and for me thats a proof. When i find about her i was crying cause seh cant reach her goal and im gonna do it for the both of us im going to do everything with lovee. Also i saw her in a sile dress but i dont know what does tha mean.
From: catherine
What a terrible waste of a beautiful girl. This website is a wonderful way of keeping her alive. Perth, Australia
From: cettina
mi manchi... ci vedremo i love you
From: KAM
RIP Love. We lost a good one that day in July 2 months before my birth. I pray your family heals. I just wish you had taken a nap that day
From: Dana
Thinking of Rebecca and her family today on her Birthday. She was so gorgeous, talented and unique. I love seeing this web-site devoted to her and her precious life!
From: tena
30 years without rebecca... i cry
From: Katy
Such a beautiful soul. So tragic and senseless. May she shine down from heaven on this complicated earth.
From: Ronald W
I didn't know of Rebecca at the time of her death but I've been following a lot of her story lately. I feel so helpless in that I want to give her family cheer and warmth but I don't know what to do. As a person of the Jewish faith, born 3 years earlier than Rebecca I feel even more of an affinity towards her. I wish I had known her, I wish we were friends. She seemed like one of the kindest people ive ever seen. If theres anything I can do please let me know.
From: MJ Herald
I'm sorry, I meant to say: we would have been seeing her in movies for the last 30 years.
From: MJ Herald
I am 47 years old and I remember watching MY SISTER SAM. I recall what a great actress Rebecca was. Her acting just seemed so effortless and natural, as if she was born to do it. I also recall how shocked I was on the day of her horrible death. Then later I heard that she had an audition for Francis Ford Copola scheduled for that very afternoon. I just know that would have skyrocketed her career. we would have been seeing her in movies for the last twenty years.
From: Tracy B
A very sweet girl whose story ended far too soon. What continues to dumbfound me is that Robert Bardo is currently 49 years old and still alive.

Yes, he won't see the outside of prison but why does he even still live? He was 19 when he committed this murder. Rebecca was 21 and deserved to have the opportunity to be 51 years old today. Sadly, Bardo took that opportunity away.

It's just maddening that he's still on this Earth. I guess it's not up to us to determine who lives or dies. That's something that Bardo had no right to determine either.

God Bless Rebecca Schaeffer! You are very missed.
From: Roopert
Beautiful website for a beautiful person.
From: Dana
Just saw Danna's PHENOMENAL show "You In Midair" for the second time. What a way to honor Rebecca! I know she would be proud. Danna is so amazing and the show a must-see. Rebecca is missed and remembered every day and this show stands proof of that. Definitely try and see it if you can!!! Bravo Danna, and love to you and Benson.
From: Nancy elizabeth green
I met Rebecca's grandfather,in
2001.I was visiting my son. He was with his dog,genevieve.He showed Kevin and I such kindness,hospitality. I lived in Atlanta and had a dog named geneva. We laughed at the similarity of names. He told us about his beloved granddaughter. We lost touch,but I have never forgotten her story.
She will never be forgotten. G_d bless you.
From: Dana
Reaching out to say that Rebecca is dearly loved & sorely missed. I cannot believe it's been 28 years....she is a true angel and I am a true fan. Thinking of the Schaeffer family today...
From: sally
Hard to believe it's been 28 years since this terrible event happened. Rebecca is still thought of and missed everyday.
From: DG
I Graduated College in May 2017. As a present, my family took me all the way down the west coast. From Seattle to San Diego. As part of the trip I wanted to pay my respects to Rebecca near Portland.I first learned about Rebecca and her story 5 years ago. It's sad, tragic, but more importantly motivational. Rebecca did a lot in just 21 years that most people couldn't. She inspires me to keep going for my dreams no matter what. I can finally say that I finally got to visit her and I left a penny and a small flower. Rest in Peace Rebecca.
From: Rebecca frisa
Ti voglio bene sorellina questo anno avremmo compiuto 50 anni auguri angel in the sky
From: Brandon
She'll forever be love. I never met her, but Rebecca seemed like a very captivating young woman who cherished life and was courteous towards all, even to that awful man that I won't name. I send my best wishes to her family and friends that have kept her spirit alive. Rebecca will never be far from my thoughts.
From: Kristi C.
Rebecca was a bright light in this dim world. I'm still devastated by her murder even these many years later. An innocence was lost that day. Many blessings to you, her family. Her light lives on, here, in her beautiful memories and thoughts.
From: Chris
I looked at these pictures and I am crying now. This is so sad. I remember when Rebecca died and used to watch My Sister Sam many years ago. I guess having my own kids now makes me understand your loss better.
From: Ismael Marques
Yesterday, July 17, posted a video on Youtube tribute to Rebecca Schaeffer, 500 Five Miles, hope you like it, thank you all.
From: David
Antenna TV should rerun "My Sister Sam". When the 12 lost eps aired on USA for the first time, they were badly hacked up for more commercials. Antenna TV usually lets shows run complete. Rebecca's death was unfair, heartless, abhorrent, saddening and maddening. I'm glad her killer will never get out of prison.
"Sam" could have gone on a few more years on another network and become a staple of rerun syndication but that madman destroyed any chance of that happening. Rebecca, we all miss you.
From: Jack
Just flipping channels and saw a show about her murder and was shocked at how it happened. I either had no idea or had forgotten. I can't believe that her murderer is still alive -in stupid California w/no death sentence. I won't even mention what I wished would've happened to him when he was stabbed in prison 11x in 2007 (read on Wikipedia) Regardless, I watched youtube video of her 1987 cohosting Thanksgiving Day Parade- and, kind of morbid to say, fell in love- but just felt so sad for her. She was not only beautiful- but also very quick witted and smart. Also learned she was gonna try out for Godfather Part 3- on that day she was murdered- and probably thought the initial knock was the screenplay. I never knew that perhaps, she could've changed history as Mary Corleone and saved the world from Sofia Coppola's performance :)-- maybe even won an Oscar. It's hard to believe how quickly life can be taken- I watched a few scenes from My Sister Sam- loved Pam Dawber in Mork and Mindy- but, wow- that was a bad show--but still Rebecca flashed signs of brilliance. Obviously, she was irresistible- because here it is almost 30 years later- and I was so impressed. Glad to have found this tribute site for her. One other note, kind of found it ironic Joe Penny- her cohost at the Thanksgiving Day parade- starred in a movie called Victim of the Night in 1996-with Brittany Murphy-another beautiful, talented actress gone too young. I wonder if he thinks about that... Anyway, youtube is great for remembering people from the past- Her family/fans should start a Facebook/Twitter page about Rebecca to keep her memory alive. She was really something special!
From: Ismael Marques
Rest in peace Rebecca Schaeffer.
"While the child was still alive, I fasted and wept. I thought, 'Who knows? The LORD may be gracious to me and let the child live.'
But now that he is dead, why should I go on fasting? Can I bring him back again? I will go to him, but he will not return to me."
2 Samuel 12:22,23
From: J.T.
For me like many other young boys at the time, Rebecca was my first celebrity crush. I never forgot her. She is still alive in my heart and always will be! Miss you, angel!! <3
From: Gwynne
She was so amazing, I think of her often.She will never be forgotten. God bless her family, esp her wonderful parents.
From: rebecca frisa
Marcirà CorreggoD
From: rebecca frisa
Ti voglio bene sorellina mi manchi... <3 mar ira all'inferno chi ti ha seppellito, avresti compiuto 49 anni come me <3
From: Peter McNulty
Just watched the programme and never knew of Rebecca before being from Ireland and not attached to American shows in the 80s probably due to my early teens but it is so tragic and I feel so sorry for Rebecca whose good nature ultimately led to her death. From what I have seen and read her parents should be enormously proud of the way they brought her up and may God give them comfort and look after their daughter in heaven until they meet again.
From: Robin F.
I remember watching Rebecca on My Sister Sam, she was such a bubble of light and positive energy. I was 24 when she was killed. I mourned for a long time, it was so shocking. I still think about her from time to time. Rest in Peace sweet Rebecca. xo
From: Robin F.
I remember watching Rebecca on My Sister Sam, she was such a bubble of light and positive energy. I was 24 when she was killed. I mourned for a long time, it was so shocking. I still think about her from time to time. Rest in Peace sweet Rebecca. xo
From: rebecca frisa
I love you, mi manchi... Angelo.. Bacio bacio bacio.. <3
From: Vina Castro
Rebecca is an inspiration for those who want to pursuit an artistic and creative life. Rebecca belonged to her dreams but never was a prisioner of them. She had wings of an angel so her time on earth was precious.Her legacy will prevail.
From: Dana
Today is November 6, and I just wanted to say that I am thinking of Rebecca and her family, with so much love. She is such an inspiration to me, I just love her beautiful personality and how she was so confident and fearless. I hope Rebecca's family knows how beloved she is, she will never be forgotten!!!
From: Rocky/WBAB Radio Long Island NY
Its nice to see that someone remembers her. She was a beautiful person, who of course I never met. Today is hard to her folks, her day of birth. Rebecca would be middle aged now, my guess married with kids of her own. So today and everyday they have my sympathy, love and support. Rebecca didn't end that day, her spirit is alive and in the memories of those who knew and loved her! She was a beautiful girl! ROCKY
From: Venessa Verdugo
Such a beautiful dedication. She is never forgotten.
From: DG
Hello. I hope this message goes to Benson, Danna and the rest of Rebecca's loved one's. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm a 20 year old aspiring filmmaker from New York City. Three years ago I came across the story of Rebecca. It was during a "E! True Hollywood Story" Documentary, and it broke my heart. That someone so innocent, can be taken away from the world by such horrible circumstances. When I first saw her face on the TV, I swore I've seen her before. But I was surprised that I haven't seen anything she's ever acted in .Of course not at that moment. Since then I was able to find My Sister Sam episodes online and have enjoyed them. I guess her innocence, and the way people talked about her made me a fan of Rebecca. The stories of how kind she was to people, and her service for the children's charity Thursday's Child. Rebecca seemed like an all around great person, and I bet she was. A year ago I won her autograph in an auction, and it's framed next to my TV. Next to other celebrities that I look up to. Its tragic that shell never know how much of an American hero she became. I haven't been able to visit Rebecca's resting place in Oregon yet, but I was able to visit her Hollywood home to pay respects. I hope to visit Rebecca one day. Thanks to Benson and Danna for spreading her story and for fighting against gun violence. But more importantly thank you Benson and Danna for brining this beautiful human being into this world. The banner for this website is very fitting. Because I know somewhere in the sky, there is a bright beautiful star named Rebecca Luciele Schaeffer.

Only Love,
New York City
From: veronica
hi..i guess this goes to rebecca's family? and to the website. i was just surffing in my laptop to find some interesting to do and i found imeges of rebecca on the internet. i started to find information about her and got to know about her murder. i am just 12 right now, but as i read her case i became a huge fan of rebecca. she was such a nice girl. funny, big heartd, and pretty. i know she must have been a darling daughter. i was born in 2002. if i would be there at that time i would surely advise the police to hang him to death as soon as they fuond him. i would advise them to just ask him why did he do such kind of thing? she is and will always be my hero.may she rest in peace. love to her and family,friends.
From: Bonnie B.
Hi--I guess this goes out to Rebecca's family? (As well as to your lovely website). My condolences for your loss. I am finding out now that you don't necessarily miss your departed loved ones LESS over the years--I am missing my deceased parents more & more, so I cannot even IMAGINE what losing your child feels like; especially such a beautiful, funny & vibrant soul as your darling daughter.
I believe I'm about a year younger than Rebecca would be now, and I was SO very impressed w/ her when I was 17!
I was so taken w/ her image that it bordered on ridiculous. I used to try to dress like her--or, at least like her character on the show. I imagined that the style that "Patti" sported was probably largely inspired by the beauty who played her, so I thought the concoctions I would come up w/ were likely the very HEIGHT of LA fashion. When I was photographed for my own composite modeling shots, one "very Patti", laughably late eighties creation consisted of drab gray leggings, worn under a lighter-gray, mid-calf, unflattering, baggy skirt, complete w/ jeweled ankle boots. I topped that off w/ a thermal long-sleeve; w/ an oversize man's button-down, open, w/ the sleeves rolled up; a cropped denim jacket I envisioned as being JUST like Rebecca/ Patti's; and about three too many necklaces no one could see anyway, because of my very Bohemian, fringed, street-vendor scarf. I even had gotten a spiral perm, & collected dangly, beaded earrings!
My parents, much UNlike the very cool seeming Schaeffers, were midwestern Republicans, or in other words, HORRIFIED, at my choice of get-up, LOL.
But I was utterly CONVINCED I looked cool--and the TRULY cool part was that never before had I EVER dared to try to copy a celebrity. It wasn't Madonna, or Belinda Carlisle, or Debbie Harry who had gotten me so inspired--it was YOUR Rebecca. And I realize now, it wasn't so much her look I so wanted to emulate--it was her very ESSENCE. She was just so sparkly; witty; upbeat; quirky, and all-around adorable. I think the best word to describe her might be FUN.

For all that has happened, she STILL comes across as FUN. Even the photo on this webpage makes her look delightfully impish.

So, just wanted to thank you for bringing such a lovely creature into the world. I would bet anything she WOULD have gotten that part in Godfather 3!!

Take care,
Much love,
From: manny
Very very sorry for your loss..used to love my sister Sam.I now have a daughter and it is gut wrenching to think how you all must miss her. Best wishes to you and your family...
From: Jen
Although I wasn't born when you graced the world with your beauty and poise, your spirit continues to inspire me. Your memory continues to live on. Even though you're no longer with us, you'll never leave our hearts.

Hugs and kisses from Australia
From: jenny
Hi I have been a fan of Rebecca's for many years. I even exchanged an email with her parents and they were kind enough to share photos of Rebecca which I have posted along with hundreds of other photos in a yahoo group Rebecca Schaeffer Remembered Forever and a Facebook group Rebecca Schaeffer Memorial Group. I hope you come to one or both and help keep Rebecca's memory alive.
From: Monique
I remember watching Rebecca's show, My sister Sam, and being draw to her bright and joyful spirit. I was sad to learn of her death. I recently watched a documentary about her passing and wanted to recall how the memories of her tragic passing gave me awareness of stalking behaviors when one of my coworkers began to stalk me. My former coworker became obsessed with me, sending me hundreds of letters, vulgar tape recordings, and sneaking around my apartment. The final straw came when this man hid under my stairs as I walked to my apartment door. Thinking about Rebecca's story, I contacted the police and got a restraining order. The judge ordered my stalker to get mental health care. I think of Rebecca as a bright star, an angel, still shining her light upon us today. Laws were changed because of what she went through; she is an American hero.
From: Nanci Martinez
I had the great pleasure of knowing lovely Rebecca. Her cousin Adam and I were good friends in college back in the 80's in LA and I'd met her loving Uncle and Aunt, Adams parents. The loss of her beautiful spirit was devastating to this family and to all she touched. However, Her light has not been extinguished. The dignity and grace in which her parents acted in the weeks, months and years after her untimely death left an indelible impression on me which I have often referred to as life has dealt it's unjust losses along the way. From what I remember, although the pain was immeasurable and the desire to strike back and make the responsible party suffer was on some level dwelling within us all. The bottom line from the Schaeffer camp was Love. Honor Becca with Love, not hate. Love, Not vengeance. Remember her with Love, not sadness. Let love be her legacy and continue to shine her light into this world and in all of our hearts. I think of her often to this day and cherish my memories. I miss her and will remember her always with the Love.
From: Hallie
I remember when this tragic incident occurred so many years ago, and it was unbelievable. Words cannot express how sorry I am for your loss.
From: Virginie
25 déjà... Même en France on ne t\'a pas oubliée. Ton image et ton sourire sont figés mais tu restes dans nos cœurs pour l\'éternité. Je souhaite que tu ais pu trouver la sérénité. Une pensée particulière à ta famille et à tes amis qui depuis tant d\'années ont du vivre sans toi : ne pleure pas celle que tu as connu mais soit heureux de l\'avoir connue (JL Trintignant - acteur français)
From: Dana
On this 25th Anniversary of Rebecca\'s tragic death, I would just like to tell her family and friends how much she is still thought of and remembered with love. Rebecca was and is such an inspiration and I just love her poetry as well. Such a beauty who is missed so much! I\'ve written in here before and again I\'d just to make a respectful request for a book about Rebecca :) I think she is very deserving of that, and I would LOVE learning even more about her!!! Thank you again for this site, she was definitely unique and one of a kind :---) Dana in Minnesota
From: Dana
On this 25th Anniversary of Rebecca\'s tragic death, I would just like to tell her family and friends how much she is still thought of and remembered with love. Rebecca was and is such an inspiration and I just love her poetry as well. Such a beauty who is missed so much! I\'ve written in here before and again I\'d just to make a respectful request for a book about Rebecca :) I think she is very deserving of that, and I would LOVE learning even more about her!!! Thank you again for this site, she was definitely unique and one of a kind :---) Dana in Minnesota
From: jennifer
I've been thinking a lot about Rebecca as the 25th anniversary of her passing is upon us. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I blog about Rebecca's generation - Generation X - and will post some pictures and thoughts about her on Thursday. Love to you from Oklahoma. Her death was probably a first for Generation X (b. 1961 to 1981). You can reach me at jenx67[at]cox[dot]net.
From: Kris
I met Rebecca when I was working at Warner Bros. as a production assistant - which is a position lower than slug spit. Regardless of the huge difference in our stations, both in life and work, she always treated me with warmth, humor and respect. I have great memories of stretching out on a lawn out at the Warner's Ranch - talking subjects both deep and shallow. And laughing. A lot. Young and "livin' the life" in Hollywood. Hard to believe I've gotten older and she is forever young.
Though occasionally I keep my hand in film production (thankfully at a somewhat higher level) after Rebecca's death I had to get out of L.A. I refocused my life and went to work in emergency services.
I now work primarily in forensics and I often teach classes to law enforcement, paramedics and the general public about threat assessment and stalkers. I always start my lectures with Rebecca's story.
I show photos of her and tell people (often born after her death) of the signs that were missed and how things are different today. And why. I make sure they remember her and the lessons learned.
I think of her so often and sometimes she can still bring me to tears. Almost as often as she can make me smile. But, by including her in my lectures, I feel I am keeping her memory alive-introducing her to people who don't know of her and teaching them her tragic but, oh so important, legacy.
She is touching lives. She is saving lives. Everyday.
From: Chad Soard
Hello,Dear Schaffer family,especially Rebecca's mom and dad.I am not someone who follows celebritys,but your daughter struck me at a very young age(I think 7 or 8).I am now in my thirties and I still think about Rebecca.I have a happy life and I still think of her at different times especially on her Birthday(which is the same as my dad who also passed away many years ago.I will always consider Rebecca a part of my life.My family jokes and says Im in love with Rebecca.HaHa.But I want to finish in saying Thank you for all you have done for gun control,anti-stalking laws and bringing Rebecca Lucile in to this world.Thank you very much for reading this and i will be thinkin of you always. Chad
From: Chad Soard
Hello,Dear Schaffer family,especially Rebecca's mom and dad.I am not someone who follows celebritys,but your daughter struck me at a very young age(I think 7 or 8).I am now in my thirties and I still think about Rebecca.I have a happy life and I still think of her at different times especially on her Birthday(which is the same as my dad who also passed away many years ago.I will always consider Rebecca a part of my life.My family jokes and says Im in love with Rebecca.HaHa.But I want to finish in saying Thank you for all you have done for gun control,anti-stalking laws and bringing Rebecca Lucile in to this world.Thank you very much for reading this and i will be thinkin of you always. Chad
From: Chad Soard
Hello,Dear Schaffer family,especially Rebecca's mom and dad.I am not someone who follows celebritys,but your daughter struck me at a very young age(I think 7 or 8).I am now in my thirties and I still think about Rebecca.I have a happy life and I still think of her at different times especially on her Birthday(which is the same as my dad who also passed away many years ago.I will always consider Rebecca a part of my life.My family jokes and says Im in love with Rebecca.HaHa.But I want to finish in saying Thank you for all you have done for gun control,anti-stalking laws and bringing Rebecca Lucile in to this world.Thank you very much for reading this and i will be thinkin of you always. Chad
From: Michael
Its hard to believe that more than 20 years have passed since Rebecca was taken from us. I think of her often and remember how honored I felt when I was asked to sing at her funeral. Both of our lives were just beginning, hers as a talented actress and performer and mine as a cantor. We met each other via our regional temple youth groups and became fast friends because we had so much in common. We spent many hours over the four years we knew each other, talking about our dreams and our futures. I will never forget the joy, happiness and pride I felt when Rebecca told me that she had been cast in "My Sister Sam". She had done modeling and soap opera work before this, but she knew this was her big break. I only wish I could have seen her during this time, but I was living in Israel and she was in Los Angeles. We had planned for to get together in Los Angeles when I came back home to Seattle, but she was killed and we never got the chance to see each other again. I hope that wherever Rebecca may be that she is as proud of me and my accomplishments as I was of hers.
From: Will
I remember hearing about your daughter\'s tragic death on the news when I was a child. I lived in the Los Angeles area and the story was repeated often for a while. I was saddened and very confused; I couldn\'t understand why anyone would want to harm such a beautiful young lady.

For some strange reason I came across Rebecca\'s story again recently and was touched once again as an adult. To Rebecca\'s family, and to her mother, especially, I hope there is a literal heaven so that you may one day be reunited.

From: Cindi Benson

I was fifteen when Rebecca was taken from the world and it affected me deeply. I just found this site, and reading her poems and quotes made me realize what a gift she was to this world. I have no doubt that she lives on in the next world, but also she did not die in vain. Anti stalking laws were finally taken seriously after that demon killed her.

Rebecca had such a positive energy and lit up the screen when she performed.

God bless her family!

With love,

Cindi Benson
From: Bess
What an incredible and talented person. And terrible loss. Thank you for sharing these.
From: Walt
Wonderful site, beautiful memories
From: Devin
Hello Schaeffer family & friends

Growing up as a child, I dreamed of becoming an actor. I dreamed of acting on stage and on the set of a movie or television show and seeing my name on the ending credits. I used to watch the E! channel and view the documentary series called The E! True Hollywood Stories. The lives of these many famous people intrigued me; some had difficult lives lives with happy endings while some others met unfortunate ends. One documentary I cam across was about Hollywood tragedies and Rebecca's name was on the list. About two years ago, this documentary was re-runned and the story of Rebecca intrigued me.

Around this time I began to make my dream of becoming an actor into a reality. When I learned Rebecca was an up in coming actress who was killed right before her career was about to take off, broke my heart. With the invention of Google, I decided to research as much as I could about Rebecca. During my research I discovered something truly surprised me.
Rebecca was born on November 6th, 1967 and I was born on November 6th 1989, four months after her passing. Today I am 21; it shocked me that not only did Rebecca and I have in common our dreams of becoming successful actors, but we also share the same birthday. It saddens me that on that day my family welcomed the joyous occasion of my birth, while you all mourned the life a young woman who was so dear.

Though Rebecca's life ended abruptly, she accomplish something that not too many actors and people ever do. She made her dreams come true. Rebecca managed to have success in her few years in Hollywood, than some other actors who spend most of their lives trying to achieve. She has inspired me to keep moving forward into making my dreams come true; she has also reminded me to love and live life, which was something she did. I am happy to have found this site and learn new things about Rebecca. She was very poetic and an insightfully woman. Despite we're both both 21 we are very insightful people, another thing we have in common.

I hope you all will continue to live your lives under Rebecca's philosophy, and I hope that you find comfort in what I say next:
Death doesn't end love, your love for Rebecca will always live and her love for you all did not die with her on that sad day.
Though Rebecca isn't physically here with you all, she is with you in spirit; guiding you all throughout your lives.
Thank You Mr. and Mrs. Schaeffer for bringing Rebecca into this world.

Best Regards
From: Dana
OH how I love Rebecca! I try to collect everything I can of her, I have a
"Rebecca scrapbook" :)
She was such a stunningly beautiful girl, both inside & out. I really wish
someone (family perhaps?) would write a book about her, I would love to
know everything about her life. I am just amazed that she was able to do
so much in the short time she was here!
This web-site is so wonderful, thank you for it!!!
Please keep it updated, I just want to learn more about this amazing girl.
Thank you so much!!!!!
From: Elizabeth
As I sit here looking at this website I am reminded how fragile life is. You had a light, a glow, although I did not know you I felt that about you in your pictures.
I ask my daughter (who is an actress) How her day was, How she has been, but I never stop to remind her that things like this happen and life is fragile.
I'm sorry for your loss.

From: Dena McCoy
Dear Rebecca,

Has it been 20 years since you have left us? Somehow I never felt you were far away. We shared so many
of the same dreams and often crossed paths during the earliest years of our search for fame. The last time I saw you we were at the same model call in Portland, suddenly seeing each other as young women instead of the little girls we were so often on the playground and stage at Edison Elementary.

We played in the same foursquare rotation at recess , went to the same parties and shared the same laughs with friends. Photos of those grade school years are still fresh and at my fingertips and the voices of those who shared those moments with us are still around. We talk of you and feel your beautiful presence even though you have parted this world.

You blossomed into a beautiful and still delicate flower that opened for the world to see. Your beauty lives on and your memory is still alive with me, for now and forever.

I miss you, my friend. You are never forgotten. I love you,

Dena McCoy (Woodard)
From: Jennifer DePaul
I have a Yahoo group for Rebecca-it is the only one for her and I created it about a year ago. It has hundreds of photos you will find nowhere else including screen captures and photos sent to me personally from Rebecca's parents of her as a child and growing up. Please link my group to your site so Rebecca's fans can come join. Jenny
From: Colin M Inglis
I'm not sure why it entered my mind tonight to search for Rebecca on the internet. It had been a long time since thoughts of this beautiful and so obviously talented girl had last so vividly crossed my mind.

Was I a fan, an admirer? Given the circumstances under which she was taken prematurely out of this world, those words must now carry such bitter connotations to all who knew her personally. Certainly My Sister Sam ranked highly in my weekly viewing, and Rebecca's portrayal amongst my favourite works of acting and comedy. As a young man of the same age (born March 1968) the news of the murder of a contemporary, a smart and desirable young woman at the outset of her career yet no less a star and, admittedly, one who had earned my affection, would shake my world, as it no doubt did for so many others. However, in July 1989 my thoughts were not of them, but of Rebecca and of my own reaction.

Tonight, reading the reports that had so shocked me just over 20 years ago, I was moved to offer my prayers for her soul, and for her parents - for whom I suddenly felt an overwhelming empathy in the recognition that, despite the inital shock fading in time's healing hands, the pain of the loss of a child can never sufficiently be diminished. As a man of faith, a follower of Jesus, these prayers are offered in all sincerity.

I subsequently found this website and read Rebecca's thoughts on life penned even days before her own death. What a fitting tribute, elegant in its simplicity!

Should the flame that burns twice as brightly burn half as long, in Rebecca's tragically shortened life, how much more brightly did she shine. Her legacy, during the sad years that followed for her family, has been to prevent the same fate befalling others of her chosen profession.

Colin M Inglis
Brisbane, Australia
From: Florane510
A beautiful set of photos of a beautiful person .Though she is gone she will never be forgoten. She is always in our hearts and minds.
From: Ken Turner
I can't believe it's been 20 years. My heart still aches from this horrible tragedy. Rebecca Schaeffer was a bright shining star in my life. I'm the kind of fan who simply adored her, not one who would ever harm her. My heart is broken but at the same time I'm very thankful that she came along at all

-Ken Turner
From: Karyl Miller
Thanks for creating this beautiful site. My eyes are filled with tears looking at the photos of my beautiful young friend. I still can't believe it happened and yet every June I start thinking pretty soon it will be July 18, the anniversary of that terrible day.

I have so many happy memories of Rebecca - first as an actress on my TV
show and later as an amazing and brilliant young friend. A few nights before
her murder her agent got us tickets for the Hollywood Bowl :A Mozart concert
followed by fireworks. It was a gorgeous warm summer night. We huffed and
puffed our way up a million steps to the Bowl's nose-bleed section only to discover
we had misread our tickets. Our seats were actually box seats, down in the front!
We couldn't believe our good fortune. Before the concert began, we played at being
refined sophisticates, dining on our box lunches and wine, and we marveled at what
a perfect evening it was. I remember saying to Rebecca "In case you're wondering,
life doesn't get any better than this. This is the top."
From: Sandy
This is an amazing treasure of one gorgeous human being, inside and out. What a deep soul with great wisdom that you shared with all of us.
Thank you also Rebecca.
From: David Gostnell
In a kind of reversal of the usual order of things, I feel that in the years since her death, I’ve come to know and appreciate Rebecca even more, through my evolving friendship with Benson and Danna, from their painful and loving memories of Rebecca. Her depth and beauty become even more real to me through the words and images presented here. Also in a reversal of the natural order, for me Rebecca lives on through Danna and Benson, in whom I continue to discover the roots of her kindness, humor, humanity, and now her poetry.
From: Nicholas Lashley

I don't know exactly who created the website (write back if you want, I'd love to hear from you), but I must give my sincere thanks to you for it. It is a simple, elegant tribute to someone I've come to learn and care about, someone I never would have known, but whose life and memory stays with me each day.

The following is a bit long, so I hope you'll bear with me:

I was 7 years-old in the summer of 1989, and being a 7 year-old boy that particular summer meant my life revolved around well, "Batman". Having a somewhat good memory of my life back then, I remember watching reruns of the "My Sister Sam" series with my mother at the time, and suddenly it wasn't on television anymore. Suddenly my mother wasn't letting me watch television with her at all and refused to tell me why other than I wouldn't understand.

Of course what I didn't know was she was hiding from me the news that a person we loved watching on that very show was suddenly gone, but I wouldn't come to realize that until nine years later when by chance I learned all about this girl, whose life was taken but in the years prior the details were very sketchy and I took it upon myself to find out who this person was and connected all the dots, so to speak.

Long story less long, I came to learn a lot - almost too much - about the circumstances surrounding that July morning and to this day its become something of an annoyance - that whenever you hear or see the name Rebecca Schaeffer, it is a name synonymous with "stalking" and other crime-related terms and case histories. Hell, it's not an annoyance, I flat-out hate it.

That is why I must thank you for this website, because it is one of precious few that does precisely the opposite - it celebrates the person behind the name, and makes the name Rebecca Schaeffer synonymous with life, love, and how preciously brief it can be. It is her life that I've come to learn about and appreciate, and ultimately celebrate, just as this site does. While I understand the significance of the whole crime issue, that doesn't mean a damn if the real person at the center whose life was ended so senselessly is overlooked or ignored.

Whenever I look at a photo of her, I both smile and want to cry at the same time. It's an odd clash of emotions that I've never been able to really articulate well. I have a hard enough time saying her name out loud without feeling the same clash. It's weird, I freely admit that. I think it comes from the anger that I try to bury deep inside because despite trying to keep the focus on her life, her death is always in there and it cuts me up inside, but that's the best I can explain it. Heartbreaking may be too easy a term but it fits all too well.

In terms of her career and the roles she played, I've not seen everything due to availability but whenever she's on screen in the films and shows I have, I see someone who is funny, oddball (but in a good way) and can be pretty intense at times. She was good. Damn good.

I don't know if I've articulated everything as well as I could but if nothing else I just wanted to once again convey my thanks, and to let you know that she's always in my heart, as I am certain she is in many others like me who never knew her, but will only know of her. That will never change.

I'm thinking of something lighthearted to end with, so I'll close by saying this:

You rock Rebecca Schaeffer, but you already knew that. ;)

With all sincerity,
Nicholas Lashley
Oshawa, Canada
From: Unknown
I`ve just discovered this site, being new to having a computer. Rebecca's murder had a profound impact on me.When i was 20 in 1989, i was very sick and isolated from others, i had been a watcher of My sister Sam and when i heard of Rebecca`s murder it sent me into a deeper depression.For being roughly the same age, i felt she was doing something with her life and then it was over for her.

Her murder made me take stock of my life, and i followed my dream of wanting to go to the U.S. which i did by myself in late 89, for a brief stay
Its always been a rough life for me and will continue to, but Rebecca was a catalyst for the first big positive change in my life, and for that, Rebecca will always have a place in my heart.
I think about her every now and then and wonder how her parents are doing.I hope it is of some comfort to them to know that Rebecca`s strong personality and charisma has had a lasting effect on some people, who never even met her.
Its wonderful to see photos of Rebecca here and read her writnings.I will look forward to stopping by in the future, please keep up the site and dedication.
All the best
from Melbourne Australia.